Size as per wall space?

  1. Ensure that the wall surface is flat. (Uneven walls or walls with posts need special spacers)
  2. Measure the wall space you have available. 
  3. Subtract 100mm from your measurement which will give you the maxim size you can order.
  4. Order the standard size washline that will fit within this maximum measurement or a custom size.

How much line space do I need for my washing?

  • To hang king size bed sheets without folding them you will require:
    • King Size Bed - 2.6m washline.
    • Queen or Double Bed - 2.3 washline.
  • How man people are there in your house?
    • A Family of 6 - 2.6m min or a combination of two lines
    • A family of 4 - 2.3 min

Delivery + Installation to major centres in ZA Included

  • JHB Northern Suburbs: 2 - 3 Working days
  • Other areas in Gauteng: 4 - 5 Working days from order