SA Washline

Washline Relining Service - Rectangular Frame (GAUTENG - Major City Centres - ONLY)

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We replace the lines of your washline for you.

After time in the harsh South African sun and continued use, the lines on your washline will stretch, crack, and possibly break. They will need to be replaced. This is similar to the brake pads of your car or the clothes you are wearing right now.

Our team will come out and professionally remove and replace the old line, check and replace perished grommets. Our team will also service and oil the moving parts of the frame bracket.

This ensures your fold-away washline remains in excellent working order and gives you continued good service for many years to come.

We also offer this service on other types of frames as well.

Please Whatsapp a picture of your washline with your contact details and installation address to 074 1410099